Wilkinson Family Foundation Inc (WFF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation headquartered in Bozeman, Montana. WFF promotes and supports education in El Salvador. Working across a spectrum of public and private schools, a juvenile detention center and an island literacy center, our work ensures a quality education for the children of impoverished communities and broken neighborhoods. With education and mentoring these children graduate from high school and often attend university or trade schools. In the Fall of 2019, two Siloe students became our first university graduates. These students are then able to obtain self-supporting employment in their country and also become beacons of hope for future students in their communities. Economic self-sufficiency counteracts the lure of gangs and provides hope for a future in their own country. 


WFF projects include establishing and supporting libraries, providing resources and awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), renovating educational spaces as needed and providing Professional Development to teachers and staff.  WFF is committed to spending 100% of your donations on educational projects and initiatives.


Mission Statement: Wilkinson Family Foundation will promote education in Central America to enable citizens and countries to become economically and socially viable


Core Values: Wilkinson Family Foundation will treat donors and those whom we serve with the following core values:

  • Integrity, transparency, and honesty

  • Good stewardship of resources by ongoing monitoring of grants and money spent

  • Your donations for projects will be used 100% for that project

  • Comprehensive communication with donors

  • Exercising cultural sensitivity and empathy


History: Non-profit founder, John Wilkinson, traveled to El Salvador in 2010 with staff from his former church in Austin, TX looking for mission opportunities. In 2010, John and his wife, Vickie traveled to El Salvador on their first of many trips together to serve the Siloé community. They worked for many years with other individuals from their church to serve Siloé. After establishing a relationship with many Salvadoran partners and becoming more familiar with the country, they began to discover many other opportunities. During this time, John and Vickie decided to leave their home in Austin and relocate full time to Bozeman.  Having a much better picture of the ongoing needs in El Salvador, John and Vickie decided to start the Wilkinson Family Foundation with a focus on enhancing education in El Salvador and having a hope of growing the non-profit to extend services to other countries in Central America.

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