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Siloe School, San Salvador


Siloe School is a private school for children grades K-9 in an impoverished area of San Salvador.  WFF is continually working to provide teacher sponsorships, repair and renovate at the facility as needed, and continual expansion of the school library. 


2020 Goals

  • Provide new library books

  • Complete project of remodeling classrooms 

  • Conduct staff and teacher appreciation event.

  • Sponsor three additional teachers

Isla la Calzada Library


This island is an impoverished community off the coast of El Salvador. WFF is resourcing a library in the community of Kisslua for children and adults. 

2020 Goals

  • Provide shelving

  • Periodically provide books for the library

Kisslua Public School


Kisslua is a public school located on Isla de Calzada for children grades K-8. WFF has started a library and also provides supplies and materials to this very underfunded school. 


2020 Goals

  • Conduct a school supply drive and deliver supplies

  • Deliver supplies by October 2020

  • Provide additional library books as needed


Tonacatepeque Juvenile Detention Center


The juvenile detention center houses approximately 400 kids ages 11-18. Many of these boys have not been given educational opportunities. WFF started a library to encourage inmates to read and provide opportunities for emotional, educational, and self-sustainability outside of the center.


2020 Goals

  • Provide additional books as requested





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